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Moonlight restaurant is one of the most memorial, fun and enjoyable restaurant for weddings, events . . .  in Orange County, home to the largest Vietnamese population in the world. Moonlight satisfies customers with the most delicious food such traditional Vietnamese dishes like : Com Chien Buu Chau, Ca Hap, Bo Cau Quay Don as well as modern dishes like : Tom Hum Xao Dac Biet, Bao Ngu, Hai Sam...

Founded by the most two talented musicians Luan Vu "Violinist" and Vuong Huong 'Pianist" ( currently playing for Paris By Night) and with  spectacular help of "The Friends Band" has pleased lot of people when they choose to hold an event or wedding in Moonlight Restaurant.

Located in Beach Blvd, in Thuan Phat's Supermarket, near Bolsa Center, Moonlight Restaurant is the most wanted destination for those who love music, dancing, singing . . .  Not only Moonlight is an expertise place of entertainment but also home of the most delicious dishes for the Vietnamese Community.



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